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Why Sell With Us

The Benefits of Showing your own Property


  • You are the most qualified to show prospective purchasers the advantages of your property
  • You know the reasons you initially bought it
  • You know all the information about it
  • You have lived in the area and know the local facilities
  • Your knowledge is invaluable
  • You know exactly what is being said to the buyer as you are showing your own home
  • You have the freedom to show buyers exactly what you would like to show them
  • Your knowledge conveyed to the buyer holds credibility as opposed to coming from some agents

Control and Choice

  • The objective of a typical agent is to make a sale, not at the highest possible price, but at any price. When there's a gap between the owner's asking price and the buyers offer, the typical agent will pressure the owner not the buyer.
  • Let's say the sellers want $350,000. If a buyer offers $340,000, the agent will earn (at 3% commission $10,200 if the sellers accept. If the agent works hard in the interests of their clients and negotiates the buyers up to $350,000, they earn an extra $300. For the agent there's not much difference between $10,200 and $10,500, so there's little incentive to push the buyer higher but for the owner the difference is $10,000. In these circumstances the seller and agent are not on the same team.
  • No more wondering what the agent is saying about you and your property at an inspection.
  • You do not need to talk the price down to buyers, in order to obtain a commission at all costs.
  • Set the inspection time that suits your daily life and at a time when the property looks its best.
  • If you wish, you can have extended open house hours to suit the buyers and you - not the agent.
  • We will handle all the negotiations for you. Now there is an alternative to the private sale, diy sell and for sale by owner websites.
  • Have control over marketing and brochures for buyers for that special personal touch
  • Full freedom over what photographs are used for advertising and full input into the script for marketing
  • Be in control over the sale of your largest asset by having options that you choose not what an agent chooses


  • By dedicating a few hours into showing your property you can save many thousands of dollars normally paid to agents for the same service.
  • We have negotiated thousands of sales on behalf of vendors. If you use Save On Commission to negotiate the sale, we are not under the same pressure as other agents.
  • We guarantee we will negotiate the best price possible for your home
  • You are there and part of the process, so why not benefit and put the money in your pocket.
  • By working together as a team you can literally save thousands of dollars in fees you would normally have to pay
  • Save thousands of dollars on useless marketing that is only designed to promote the agent and not the sale of your home
  • Receive the monetary benefits of a private sale with the benefits of a full Real Estate service for marketing and understanding of your needs
  • By using our No Commission or our Low Commission Service you will save many thousands of dollars.

Presenting Your Property

  1. Be available to receive enquiry! Nobody will buy your house if they can't get in to see it. Perhaps the most obvious thing - but we can't stress it enough.
  2. Presentation! Presentation!
  3. Wherever possible make sure that your house is clean and tidy for inspections. Little things like having the lawn mowed or the dishes done can make all the difference to a buyer's first impression of your home.
  4. Create an Atmosphere. To assure your home is at it's most appealing consider having coffee brewing or a cake baking during the inspection.
  5. Another note on presentation, maybe hold a garage sale to remove clutter from your home. You want to create a feeling of space.
  6. Don't try to be a smooth salesperson - just be relaxed and genuine with buyers.
  7. During an inspection, make sure not to rave to the buyers or go off on a tangent. Give the buyers your full attention and answer any questions they might have.
  8. Make up a brochure with details about your home to give to prospects. Buyers can sometimes view numerous properties within a day and this will help them remember. Display an open home flag yours.
  9. Make sure that your home is priced correctly. There is no bigger deterrent to buyers than an overpriced home. We will supply you with a CMA which will help determine the market price.
  10. When we do find a serious buyer, we will negotiate your sale and organize the contracts with your solicitor or conveyancer.
Below are a series of terms that are utilised by vendors who are wishing to sell their home privately by a private sale, without the use of a Real Estate Agent, usually because of the huge fees that they charged. By utilising the no commission and low commission service of Save On Commission, not only do you save a huge amount of money, but you also receive the professional advice and negotiating skills of qualified Real Estate Agents. We have been able to bridge the gap between the traditional Real Estate Agent and the Private Seller. Now vendors have an alternative to private sale websites, with our system you are guaranteed to receive more enquiries
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